Reading in Biblical Studies


The Readings in Biblical Studies (RBS) course is a programme designed to expose you to a breadth of Biblical studies, and to provide a basic foundation in a wide area of theology.

During the course, you will read a large volume of reference literature from a pre-selected list determined by the course advisor. Your study will include mandatory reading, as well as books chosen by you from the different topics in line with your own areas of interest.

Lecture Phase

Regular one-on-one tutoring with the course advisor is also a part of this course. This gives you a chance to process and ask questions about what you are reading as well providing a safe place to explore, discuss, and critique ideas from the books or ideas the books inspire.

Application of the material will provide you with resources for preaching, teaching or personal bible study. The course involves reading 100 pages per day, 6 days a week for 12 weeks. You will work approximately 8 hours per day. We are looking forward to having you join us for this school!

Topics covered include:

  • Old & New Testament background studies
  • Biblical & Church History
  • Biblical & Systematic Theology
  • Canonics, Hermeneutics, & Biblical Archaeology
  • Philosophy & Worldview
  • Scientific Theology
  • Pastoral Care, Education, Homiletics, Evangelism, Missions, Spiritual Warfare, & Worship

Pricing, Dates & Details

Arrival Day 4th January 2018
Departure Day* 29 March 2018
Languages English
Lecture Phase** £1,170
Application Fee £35

*Additional fees will be charged for trainees staying at TKL before or after term times.

**The cost is £1,170 which includes accommodation and meals. Applications for fee reductions(e.g. for long-term YWAM service, national category, etc) should be made to the school leader after acceptance and will be considered on an individual basis. Study materials and books are to be purchased separately.

***The departure date is NOT the date of the commissioning. The commissioning will be the day before meaning that the school runs from Arrival date-day before departure date.

****The requirements to do the RBS is the successful completion of a DTS (Discipleship Training School)

The school leader

Andy Thomas