Online Expository Preaching

Online Expository Preaching Course: Biblical Preaching That Connects!

The purpose of this Online Expository Preaching Course is to train those who desire to be Bible preachers and who want to be both faithful to the scripture and communicate effectively. This course helps you acquire and develop the necessary practical tools and skills to develop a message and deliver it in a way that connects to the listener.

Topic include:

  • The power of the Word
  • The importance of good exegesis and hermeneutics (interpretation and application)
  • Challenges facing the preacher
  • The difference between preaching and teaching
  • Preparing a message
  • Ways to present a message
  • Communication skills
  • And more.

You will be connected to a course staff person who will work with you through the course, and the final assignment is to prepare and deliver a message to an audience you arrange. This will be evaluated with a report sent to your course leader.

The Online Expository Preaching Course and UofN Course Credit

The Online Expository Preaching course is at the pilot phase at present. Currently it is not registered with the University of the Nations (UofN) Online Extensions Studies (OES) program and as such we are offering it at no cost in return for feedback. We do hope to register in due course and when that happens and you have completed and passed the module, you will then be registered with UofN OES and a certificate sent to you. If at some point you desire to use the Extension Studies course credit towards a UofN degree, then the credit would be evaluated as other transfer credits. The amount of credit that counts towards a degree will depend on the subject of the degree and if these credits are appropriate for the degree focus.

We are excited to be able to offer the pilot course, if you are interested please email us at:

Course Fees:

Category A nations: £500
Category B nations: £350
Category C nations: £250
Languages English

The school leader

Charlotte Bowden