Online Chronological Bible Core Course


The three-month Chronological Bible Core Course (CBCC) is now available in an Online format to enable YWAM staff and those from all other walks of life to take the course part time while continuing with their base/team/life ministries and responsibilities. The CBCC is a dynamic way for YWAM staff to participate in a fully accredited University of the Nations CBCC that can be studied part time at a base or team location. Each month of the residential school is extended to a three-month module requiring twelve to fifteen hours per week of study. There is a set start time and finish time for each module with a module leader who will not only be a tutor and support throughout the module, but will also create community with the other students who are on the course.

The CBCC is ideal for:

  • Individual YWAM staff persons who have a passion to know more of God’s Word and ways.
  • Whole teams on a base/team to work on together or as part of a base training strategy.
  • Integrating into existing base training curriculum to provide a dynamic U of N accreted biblical studies element.

This course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the inductive approach to Bible study by learning how to employ various methods for reading, interpreting and applying the Scriptures. Students also have opportunities to be involved in topical seminars and various forms of historical, archaeological, literary and geographical research. During the course, students read through the whole Bible, and study in depth many individual books from both the Old and New Testaments and so engaging with each of the main literary genres of Scripture.

Though the Bible Core Course is a stand-alone course, it is designed to be compatible with the longer Online SBS.

This course meets the U of N Core Curriculum requirement for Bible element needed for a degree.


The prerequisites for the CBCC are:

  • The successful completion of a DTS.
  • The agreement and support of the base or team leader to release you for 12-15 hours a week of work time to study.
  •  Access to the Internet.
  • The dedication, time commitment and self-motivation for this kind of learning.

The Online CBCC is not a ‘cheap and easy’ way to take the BCC, it is not ‘BCC lite’. With the Online CBCC but you will be receiving the same depth of teaching input our residential students receive and the standard of work anticipated is the same. The community dimension of the course, the online meetings, are an integral part of the course and participation is expected.

It is estimated that about a day a week will be needed to complete the work required; for some this might be less, for some more. It is expected that if the base or team leader releases the student for this amount of time each week, any more time for the course would need to be found by the students from their ‘own’ time. Please note that due to the steep learning curve during the first module, the time needed for this module might be more.

The Online CBCC and Course Credit

Each of the Online CBCC modules are registered with the University of the Nations (UofN) Online Extensions Studies (OES) program, with credit awarded upon the successful completion of each module. You will be registered with UofN OES and a certificate sent to you upon module completion. Each of the modules earns 4 credits. If at some point you desire to use the Extension Studies course credit towards a UofN degree, then these credits would be accepted as other transfer credits. The amount of credits that counts towards a degree will depend on the subject of the degree and if these credits are appropriate for the degree focus.

We are excited to be able to offer this course soon, if you are interested please email us at:

and we will contact you as soon as the course is available.

This course is the equivalent to the UofN CHR 211 Bible Core Course

Course Fees:

Category A nations: £500
Category B nations: £350
Category C nations: £250
Languages English

The school leader

Andy Thomas