Encounter : Discipleship Bible School

Encountering God, Impacting Nations

In Exodus 3 Moses encountered God in the burning bush. God revealed Himself to Moses in a powerful way and then shared His heart with him about His people and commissioned Moses to go and rescue them. The heart of this school is to provide an environment for you to come and encounter more of who God is and to see more of the destiny and purpose that He has for your life and to be further equipped to pursue it.

In the book of Acts the disciples were sent out in the power of the Holy Spirit to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth and despite persecution the gospel advanced. God’s heart is for all people in all nations to know Him and we want to invite you to join with us in this exciting time to continue to see the great commission being fulfilled.

The Encounter DTS has a 16 week training phase and a 12 week outreach.

Leali’s Testimony for the Encounter DTS

Training Phase

The first 12 weeks of lecture phase for this school will be at the King’s Lodge. We are then planning to do a midterm outreach for around 3 weeks. We will then come back to another YWAM base in Derby to do a four week evangelism seminar for us to get further equipped to reach out. Then we will do a further 9 weeks of outreach in the Philippines.

The lecture phase consists of many different subjects from speakers that come from all over the world coming to teach and impart so much of who God is.

Some of the lectures will include:

  • Hearing God’s voice
  • The character and nature of God
  • The cross and the Lordship of Christ
  • Evangelism and missions
  • The Father heart of God

This is just a taster of some of the subjects that will be covered in this time. As well as the lectures, your learning experience will be made up of encountering God through worship, intercession, small groups, one to ones, work duties and evangelism. These activities are to create an environment not just to have great teaching but also to have-opportunities to apply this to our lives.

The Outreach Phase

We will be doing around 12 weeks of outreach on this school where you will have the opportunity to introduce people to the love of Jesus. It’s a chance to put into practice all that God will impart to you during the first phase of the school and reach out with His love to impact people of the nations and see the kingdom of God further advanced in their lives. It’s a chance to say yes to God and step out in faith to see the way that He wants to work both in and through you to touch peoples lives.

Pricing, Dates & Details

Price does not include: Visas, vaccinations, travel insurance and medical insurance

Arrival Day 4th January 2018
Departure Day* 2nd August 2018
Languages English
Lecture Phase** £2,840** (includes meals, accommodation & tuition fees)
Outreach Phase £2,100-2,500 (approximately) (includes flights)
Application Fee £35

*Additional fees will be charged for trainees staying at TKL before or after term times.

**includes meals, accommodation & tuition fees
There is a possibility of fee reductions (lecture phase only) for accepted applicants from certain nations. Applications for fee reductions should be made to the school leader after acceptance and will be considered on an individual basis.

***The departure date is NOT the date of the commissioning. The commissioning will be the day before meaning that the school runs from Arrival date-day before departure date.

The school leader

Georgie Taylor